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Ukrainian and Russian Travel companions - Meet single Russian girls on a tourThe concept of vacation dating has grown in popularity, with many men and women worldwide taking to the road. When a man travels the world and becomes bitten by the travel bug, he wants to go on adventures and make the most of each place and city. This rarely allows for long-term friendships or even a stable relationship with a person. This is where the concept of trip dating arose. This concept has now kept individuals on their toes and less lonely while they travel.

Travel girls is becoming more popular than ever...Travel dating is a straightforward concept. It’s dating when you are travelling. There are different ways in which a traveller can date. The first one is simple. If you find someone interesting while travelling in a particular city or country for more than two weeks, you can date them while you are there. It makes the experience way better. But both parties in the relationship should know that their dating span lasts only for as long as the other person is in that particular city. If this is very much understandable between two parties, the short relationship will be something that both will cherish forever.

Russian dating travel - Browse 1000s of single Russian women interested in dating & travel.The second category is where you deliberately look for a partner while you are travelling so that both of you can travel together. This is easier, reliable, and a lot consistent compared to the first category. Many travel dating sites are available on the internet to help travellers find women to date and have a relationship with them. There are a lot of dating apps these days, like Tinder, Happn etc. Travellers use these apps in their location to meet like-minded people too. A relationship with a traveller can be pretty challenging to deal with. But Russian women have mastered the art here.

Russian women are known for their sharp beauty, their outstanding features and their intelligence. These days, several Russian women are independent and fierce, just like any other Western hemisphere. While there are Russian women that focus on family life and settling down, there are many Russian women who take to travel and make their own life with the journeys they are on.

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With Travel dating getting more popular by the minute, there is an immense rise in the number of websites that cater to people looking for women to date when they are travelling. And voila, you get a travel dating site. There are different types of dating sites on the internet, and to be honest, this one is the least quirky of them all. The concept is beautiful for travellers who pine for companionship when they travel. In these travel dating sites, you can find men and women looking for a relationship when they are travelling or looking for a partner to travel with. Either way, this is a win-win for lonely people.


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Among the wide nationalities of men and women on travel dating sites, it is not at all hard to stumble upon a Russian woman’s profile. Russian women are spontaneous, outgoing and very adventurous. They never get bored, and they always find something interesting to do with their travel buddy. And they are very much open to dating on the go. Here’s what Nick,36, Arizona, has to say about dating a Russian woman:

fireworks in MacauI met Krystyna when I was holidaying in Hong Kong. We met in Macau. Travel dating was something that I was doing for quite some time, and honestly, it is a bad idea to date women that are possessive and jealous. Most of the Asian women I have known are very possessive, and for a guy like me, that never works. So when I met Krystyna at a party in Macau, I was happy to have found a person as vibrant as I am. Together, we have seen the northern lights (after six days of struggle in the snow), witnessed wallpaper in Machu Picchu, been to all the Disneyworld theme parks, and bungee jumped, skydived and went to Indonesia to cover all the islands. She was spontaneous, fun and I couldn’t have asked for a better travel partner. She was the girl that made my travel turn upside down for the better. I recently asked her to marry me, and now we are covering remote villages in India as our travel before our wedding.

Travel buddyTravel dating does not mean that your relationship ends as soon as your journey ends. If you are even as lucky as Nick, you could find a Russian woman that would change the way you see life. You might probably be together for years, travelling the world.